Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A BIG Blizzard and Some BIG Blessings

The Blizzard:

So I've mentioned it before, but ever since I knew we were going to be moving to Wisconsin I've been dreading this winter. As it turns out, I'm getting off pretty easy. For one thing, we're moving to Virginia before January. Plus, normally in Wisconsin it snows in October and there's a good amount of snow on the ground by November, but this year we had our first real snowfall on December 9th. Still though, I think I may have had enough of winter by the time we move anyway. This weekend we had a big blizzard with 13 inches of snow from Saturday evening til Sunday morning.

I had to work 2nd shift on both Saturday and Sunday. Burke was out with the missionaries Saturday evening after the snow started, and they picked me up from work on the way home. It took us 40 minutes to get the missionaries home and then 30 minutes to get home from there. Then we got stuck getting into our parking lot and Burke and our neighbor had to dig our car out. Thank goodness we have a garage in our complex. On Sunday, church was cancelled, which must tell you how bad it was since this is Wisconsin, for crying out loud! It had snowed so much with so much wind that we were literally snowed in! That's never happened to me before. There was a 4 foot snowdrift in front of our door and about the same in front of our garage. Someone came to plow our parking lot around noon on Sunday when the snow finally stopped. Then we could shovel out our front door and in front of our garage. The roads were awful! Thankfully, Burke does pretty well in the snow and drove me to work for the next couple of days. The road we live on and the road my work is on are still a big mess, but otherwise the city has mostly recovered.

The biggest pity is that on Sunday the temperature dropped and the wind continued so that we've been having wind chill factors below 0....too cold for much snow playing! Maybe the next snowfall will be nice and gentle, at a balmy 28 degrees or so.

A view of our garage right as the guy started plowing:

We opened our front door to this:

The next day looked like this:

The snowdrifts looked really cool the way the wind had shaped them:

The Blessings:

1. We all survived the big blizzard, even though we unfortunately couldn't stay huddled up inside all weekend (like any normal person should do).
2. I only have a week and a day left at my job... Hallelujah! (I'm quitting before Christmas so I don't have to work 2nd on Christmas Eve... double Hallelujah!)


3. Burke has a job!!! He found out yesterday that the company he works for now (Thrivent Financial) is keeping him on to work LONG DISTANCE! We couldn't be more grateful. We haven't figured out a lot of the details yet but he'll be working from home, with a salary and benefits! Sigh of relief just doesn't even express it. We're not sure if this will last forever but it's a guaranteed 3 months at least, which will at least give him an opportunity to meet people in the area and get ideas about what else he could do there.

I'm so proud of him, just because this is not something that this company ever does! They just decided to give it a try because they like him so much. :) We feel so incredibly blessed.

Now that I've spent so long writing this I'll mention that we still haven't decided where to live (that's another story for another day) and we haven't started packing, even though we could be moving as early as two weeks from yesterday. Not to mention Christmas is in there too. And I'm here blogging...