Sunday, February 27, 2011

It'll be March in 2 days...

And in Virginia, March means SPRING! Really, truly, grass turning green, flowers, warmth, and even bare feet on the beach. We've gotten some premature tastes of spring lately but it will really be here soon. And I can't wait!

Life has been pretty crazy lately. School is SO BUSY! I am studying an insane amount but I've been able to do well enough so far. I LOVE my Mechanisms of Diseases class (most of the time). Anatomy has gotten crazy. The head and neck were pretty tortuous. By the time I finished that exam on Tuesday afternoon I felt like it should have been Friday. I was wiped out. On Thursday in lab we opened up the chest cavity and started learning about the lungs. So fun.

On Valentine's day Burke and I celebrated 3 years of knowing each other. After dinner Burke took me to Color Me Mine. Instead of each getting our own pottery to paint we picked one thing and painted it together (that is probably the epitome of our poor student lifestyle!). But actually we had a lot of fun doing it together and we both love how it turned out. Burke wanted to paint mountains, and when he did they reminded me of sweet Provo.

Which is where, on that fateful day 3 years ago, we met in a tent outside the Marriott Center. We feel pretty grateful for our mutual friends and for BYU basketball...what brought us together. Speaking of BYU basketball, I just can't get much studying done when they play. No, we can't watch the games on TV, but we've been finding ways to follow.... and we love it. I miss being at the Marriott Center SO MUCH! We are looking forward to a Cougar-filled NCAA tournament!

We have been doing less "fun stuff" than I figured we would simply because we are busier than we expected and because everything costs more than we expected. (For example, Colonial Williamsburg costs like $40 a person at the least!) This month we are looking forward to a trip to see Aaron in Buena Vista and hopefully a visit from some of Burke's family! I am excited for March.