Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer, enjoyed.

Sometime this week I came to the realization that summer was passing quickly, and relatively unenjoyed. So, in an attempt to counter that, yesterday I took my Saturday-studying self out onto the beach.

Now, it might go without saying that this probably wasn't the most efficient studying I've ever done, nor is it the most relaxing beaching I've ever done either. But hey, we're making do. I got a little sun, a lovely swim, and maybe even a little more knowledge, so I think it was worth it. These next 3 weeks hold a bajillion tests, but I think I know where I'll be spending several of those afternoons...

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last Saturday we went berry picking at Pungo farms and brought home this haul:

And on 7/11, somebody turned the big 2-5! Mid-twenties now, baby! We ate Mexican food, went bowling, and brought some Old Fashioned Raisin Cake and ice cream over to our neighbor's for a little celebration.

I sure love this guy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh Hallelujah, July is here

...That's what I said on Friday. As I mentioned in my last post, June was very busy and by the end of last week I was verging on burned out. But we made it to July, a 3 day weekend, and a week with zero, count 'em, zero tests! Here are a few highlights/changes that June brought:

--The Mormon Tabernacle Choir came to Norfolk! Everyone was making a super big deal about it and encouraging everyone to go, and I was kind of like, "What's the big deal? I've seen the Choir a million times," because in the 4 years I lived in Utah I went to several sessions of general conference. This, however, was not general conference. It was a real fun concert, and it was totally worth the stress it caused me to not get home until almost 11 the night before an 8am Clinical Medicine test. They sang lots of cool songs and I loved it. If I had the talent to sing in that choir, I think someday I'd do it.

--My mom had a birthday on the 23rd, so we schemed with my Daddy to come home and surprise her the next day. And it worked! She was surprised! We brought her a cake and had a party. It was so fun and it helped me get through my week because I had something to look forward to! The next day we played an awesome game of doubles tennis, went to the temple in Raleigh, and then came on home. A short trip, but sweet.

--Burke was called to be the new Young Men's president at church. I know he'll do a great job. He was pretty nervous but excited, and he's jumping in right in the middle of the high adventure/scout camp/youth conference summer craziness. I am desperately missing him in the nursery, and so far he still hasn't been replaced. We have heard a pretty reliable rumor that nursery is a 6-month only calling in our ward. I haven't reminded anyone that my 6 months are now up. I have mixed feelings about leaving nursery, so we'll just wait and see.

--Last Thursday we very spontaneously drove down to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for a free concert. It was the band Carbon Leaf, and Burke and I had only ever heard a couple of their songs. One of them, "Life Less Ordinary," brings back all kinds of memories of when we were dating. I guess we lucked out and completely loved the show. I'm thinking we really should go to concerts more often because they are so fun, especially if they're free.
And then July came. Hallelujah.

Happy Independence Day!

The running game

Today I was talking with some girls at school about running and the lack of motivation we often feel to exercise. I have a perfect example. June was pretty brutal at school, and 2 weeks were particularly rough. I had 3 tests each week, starting at 8am almost every day, and cramming my brains out every night. One week I still managed to run on 5 out of the 7 days. The next week? Zero. And what was the difference? The Saturday in between those two weeks was the day of our 8k race. And when it was over? No more motivation.

Burke was a really good sport after we signed up for the race. It was often hard to get him to get out of bed and run with me, but usually he did. The day of the race we were downtown early. (Unfortunately we had to leave the camera in the car, but we took a picture when we got home to document it! :)) It was a beautiful morning, but by the time the race got going it was awfully hot. But it was a fun race! Yes, it was actually FUN! 8k is a nice distance, and I just really enjoyed it. There was a girl in my class who caught up to me near the end and we finished together. It was fun because she helped me kick it hard near the finish. When I looked up the official results I saw that I was 5th in my division! Cool, huh? I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I looked up my friend; she got the exact same time as me but came in 18th in her division! Ha.

Burke had a good time too. He ran it all in his Vibrams, and he did great! He has an even harder time getting motivated to go running than I do, but he can be persuaded, and he says he always "Feels good when he's DONE running." Anyway, now that the race was a few weeks ago and I've only gone running ONCE since then, it must be about time to find another race to run.