Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best of Norfolk

I asked Burke what he would miss about living in Norfolk and together we came to a simple consensus. There are only 2 things:

the beach

and the people.

Our memories of Norfolk and our time here will be filled with lots of other interesting and unique things:
Like I-64 W that goes north and I-64 E that goes south
Our apartment, which smelled musty when we were gone for a weekend, leaked in a ridiculous amount of cold air through the windows, with carpet that was stained and didn't meet the door, miss-matching and miss-fitting linoleum in the bathroom, and neighbors who we could hear every.dang.thing about.
The roads! Oh the roads! From the pot hole-filled interstate to the narrow-laned Tidewater Rd
The hula-hooper on Granby St
Tunnel traffic
Jet noise. Those "I <3 Jet Noise" bumper stickers? They're sarcastic.
Hurricane hype

We may look back on those things with a sense of nostalgia. But we won't miss them.

We will miss our beach. Living on the beach. A luxury we will likely (almost certainly) never enjoy again. And while I'm sure we didn't appreciate it and utilize it like some others would, we still loved it. And we'll miss it.

But more than anything, we'll wholeheartedly miss our friends.
(and many more, not pictured)

We've been so blessed to meet some awesome, awesome people that we will sorely miss. Thanks for being the best part of Norfolk!