Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Stretch

As of last Monday, I started my very last clinical rotation of PA school. This is a 6-week rotation in an urgent care. It's actually a great rotation to finish up on because it's a good review of a lot of stuff. Plus they are having me do things quite independently, so it's really good practice.

I work 12-hour shifts, 3-4 days a week. On my days off I sleep in, exercise, make annoying but necessary phone calls, try and stay busy, and look for and apply for jobs. I've had some recent setbacks on the job-search front but I do have one interview scheduled for later this month, so I'm trying to keep hopeful and keep working at it.

And when I'm not busy I feel guilty because I should be studying for the big, looming exam that I have scheduled for the beginning of June. Maybe tomorrow. Today instead of studying I spent the afternoon with Aimee and Callie and felt completely guilt-free, because taking the opportunity to spend quality time with people I love is almost always more important than studying!

Callie riding a rocking moose
Did you know you could get size 22 basketball shoes at Ross?
Believe it or not, they're a bit big for Burke.

It's a privilege to be among this group of amazing women!

I will miss this girl terribly when she moves all the way to Washington!