Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas for New Years

My side of the family celebrated Christmas late this year, but all of us were able to get together except my sweet brother in Monterrey (and we sure missed him!). 
It was so lovely to see our niece, and most of our long weekend in Utah revolved around her. I was quite alright with that. 
How could I resist her?

She's a restless one, so "Christmas Eve" included a fairly abbreviated nativity. It's amazing what you can do with only a few towels and scarves for preparation!

I really can't express how nice it was to be together with my family again. I absolutely loved to see the thoughtful gifts that were given

and to watch my parents in the roles of grandparents.

Somehow, despite the hassle and expense of travel, it's always worth it to be together with our family.

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