Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blessing counter

I just had to get that off my chest. Now that that's done I shall focus on the happy blessings that abound, even amid the most frustrating experience ever.

As we have continually had to put off home prep and moving and readjust plans, it's given time for baby focus. I would love to have my "nursery all set up" as everyone keeps asking me (and making me want to cry), but it's ok. The last few weeks have brought about 4 (can you believe it!?) baby showers. I'm pretty sure there has never been a time in my life when I have been shown so much generosity, love, and support. This baby boy's already spoiled! I fell into complete picture taking fail for all showers, but relying on others I've got a few.

My office threw a surprise "diaper shower" for me. BAM!
It was awesome! It was not awesome trying to get them all home. But I was immensely grateful. I never imagined being so set up with diapers.

My mom, sister, and PA school friend Caitlyn threw me a shower at home in Winston.

The next week my friends in our old ward here in Charlotte threw me a shower. I couldn't believe how many sweet friends came!

Then, our Spanish branch had a surprise shower for me. It was very different than the others. :) Tons of ladies, tons of games, tons of food.

They were all fantastic. I never could have imagined the generosity. I never could have imagined the thank you note stack. But seriously, I'm so grateful. If baby boy had come last week all we would have had for him would have been those gifts and his car seat... and we would have been fine!

I've also had a little time this week to start reading up on taking care of newborns. I hadn't made that a priority, but now I can. I think that will turn out to be a great blessing.

I expected it'd be a good idea to take my leave 2 weeks early because we'd have the house and I'd have plenty of work to do, but as that is not the case it's been frustrating that I am "wasting" my leave with no baby and no house. However, the blessing is this: they're giving me 12 weeks and I'm going back to work part-time anyway. I haven't been employed for a year so I'm actually not eligible for FMLA, so simply the fact that they're holding my job for 12 weeks is a big blessing. They've also agreed to let me come back part time. Initially I think they thought that's all they'd need out of me anyway, but now it sounds like they'll probably hire another part-timer to fill the days I won't be there. Which is just another sign of how blessed I am.

What else can I be grateful for these days?

Healthy pregnancy-check.
Time with my husband-check.
Supportive family and friends-check, including of course, as above.
Financial stability-check.

Knowledge that Heavenly Father answers our prayers-check.


  1. How wonderful that the baby showers have helped you to get prepared despite the other stressors in your life. Sorry about the closing fiasco, but just focus on the awesome deal you're getting. :) Also, if you can't make it to closing because of the baby, the lawyer can sign on your behalf after you sign something saying so. Dan and I didn't make it to Winston for our closing there (when we sold the house) due to Dan's work and Jonah's colic but it all worked out. Just use your free time to sleep since you can't do anything else - it seems weird, but you'll be grateful later. I can't wait to see pictures of your little man!!! Congrats on the house!

  2. so blessed and so loved! but of course! we love you too! so happy you are being showered with love and blessings!!!!