Sunday, May 8, 2011

D.C. Days

To finish off our lovely week off, Burke and I took a 3-day trip to Washington D.C. and had tons of fun. We wore ourselves out, actually, but it was a blast. Neither of us had been to D.C. since we were kids. There are so many fun things to do there, so we just had to pick some. We can't wait to go back!

On Thursday we enjoyed three of the Smithsonian museums. It was just a quick breeze-through, but it was enough to find some really fascinating and fun exhibits. Some of our favorites to see and learn about were American Wars, the mammals, the giant squid, plate tectonics, gemstones, the photographs of our solar system, and the Wright Brothers' first in flight exhibit. I think my favorite thing that day was seeing the gorgeous emerald jewelry in the gemstones exhibit. I was mesmerized. I didn't bother to take a picture though, because it seemed like half of the people in the whole museum were in that precious stones exhibit.

In the Museum of Natural History

On day 2 we decided to check out Ford's Theatre, which neither of us had ever been to. First we had breakfast at Lincoln's Waffle House, yum yum. The Theatre is now a museum to Abraham Lincoln, and it was really cool to explore what it was like for him as president during such a difficult time. Then we got to sit in the actual theater and listen to a talk about how everything played out when Lincoln was killed. We could see the very box where he was sitting and understand how such an act could have happened. Both Burke and I really learned a lot and enjoyed it.

We then went to the National Zoo. It was awfully crowded, but we saw lots of animals that we'd never seen before. They have giant pandas, several lion cubs, a sweet "Amazonia" exhibit, a crazy emu, an octopus, and a komodo dragon, to name a few. They also have a high wire line that connects the Ape House to a different building that the Orangutans can use. It's pretty long, and it's open from 11-2 every day so the orangs can climb up there and swing across this wire if they want to go to the other building. Someday we'll go up there and just sit at the zoo from 11-2 or until we see orangutans swinging above us, because I'm pretty sure that'd be awesome to see.
Watching the panda eat reminded us of "Kung Fu Panda"
It was feeding time for the lion cubs
Burke hanging out in Amazonia
We walked to the fence of the White House; you have to plan way ahead to tour it, so maybe we'll get to do that someday. We also walked up to the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. I wish I knew how many miles we walked that day! We were beat.

We love Abe!

Saturday was a little more chill. We took a "tour" of the Capitol building. We had a great tour guide and we learned a lot, but it was a little disappointing because out of that HUGE building we only got to see 3 rooms. It was neat though and inspired me with a renewed degree of patriotism and gratitude.
The Liberty statue that's on top of the Capitol
The Rotunda

And last, but best, we went to the Washington D.C. temple! It was a beautiful day and when we got there we just felt so peaceful. We have been working on the same set of Burke's family names since we got married and we were also able to get several sealings done. It is so nice to be a part of the joining of families for eternity. What a beautiful and special place.

We are sure we'll be back to D.C. lots more while we live here.

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