Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor, learning, and love

I don't know why Labor Day has to come at the beginning of September. Why not at the end, when I'll have a full month of this new semester under my belt, instead of just a week? As it is there are no more days off until Thanksgiving. Now, that was poor planning on the part of the holiday-deciders.

Anyway, to celebrate labor (?) we spend part of the long weekend at Lake Kerr with Mom, Dad, Beth, Dillon, and Dill's pal Josh. I really loved getting out on the lake in a canoe; it's just so fun and brings back so many memories. While the boys played basketball us adventurous girls went on an eventful bike ride.

Looks harmless enough, right? Blah--that stupid trail was covered in knee-high weeds and big tree branches and I'm quite sure nobody had been on it in at least a year. See?

That was one excited me.
Not to mention the swarms of mosquitoes and that it was a one-way trail, NOT a round trip like it said. But, all in all, a happy memory to look back on.
We're so happy:

Then on Labor Day we enjoyed another free-to-us sporting event: the Tides baseball game! I've never been the biggest baseball fan but I think these minor league games are so fun! It was an exciting, high-scoring game with like 5 home runs. That's what I'm talking about.

Then it was back to school for me. It was fun-filled week of endocrinology (love it!), surgical dressing practice, and phlebotomy! Our education in venipuncture consists of 1 one-hour lecture, a 40-minute practical session with a little practice on dummy arms, and then a 1-hour practice session on each other! Friday was an exciting day to be sure. I actually had a couple of unsuccessful attempts and a couple of successful attempts, so I wasn't feeling super confident. (I mean, compare this to the training phlebotomists get...). So, all in the name of learning, I brought home some stuff 

and practiced on the only willing subject I could find on a Friday night. 

(He was willing, I promise!) Ok so I don't have a perfect record, but would you? 

 Thumbs up=I did successfully (eventually) draw his blood. And he got brownies in return.

This guy loves me. 


  1. This post cracked me up with your practice lessons on Burke! Love it! It is awesome! What every good husband should be willing to do. In Paraguay the Hermana Weipert was our shots and what not too. Too fun! glad you have a nice labor day! I love seeing pics of Beth too! Too crazy that we were in the same ward in the dorms!

  2. Wow Burke! That's what I call giving to your wife! Sounds like a great weekend with your family! I'm glad things are going well!

  3. So I found out I wasn't supposed to do this--it's a major liability for the school or something? Too bad my teacher failed to mention it until too late....