Monday, August 29, 2011

Utah vacation travelogue

It's kind of a bummer that so many people we love live so far away from us. It does make for a wonderful trip to Utah, though. We got to see lots of siblings, aunts/uncles/cousins, grandparents, and my darling niece. Love.

--A few memories--

*A little hike with Ian, Beth, Adam, and Emma. Complete with: throwing rocks in the river, "Run! They're coming!", tag, "Will you hold me now?", a rollie-pollie, shade and snacks, cooling off in the river, and skipping.

*Some quality time with Grandpa and Grandma Walker. I was so glad we got to go back and be there when Grandma was home for a bit! I have missed those two so much. There's no picture but Burke also learned to pan for sapphires while we were there! It was nice timing that our visit coincided with Uncle Dale's, and we got to see Uncle Rick and Paul too.

*A lovely visit at Ian's consisting of a very short swim interrupted by a poorly timed thunderstorm, a pizza party, dancing to "toddler radio," a sweet little girl asking "Are you going to sleep here tonight?", and getting all ready for church. ("I wish I had a skirt like yours!")

*Being in American Fork for cousin Sean's missionary farewell. Seeing aunts and uncles and cousins. Feeling as if time stood still and the last year had never happened when we got back to Aunt Janeen's house. The cousins had definitely grown up a year's worth, but you'd never know it by how they welcomed us. Watching Burke play with the boys and write number 4 in the series of "Sammy the Potato" books. (And playing with Emma again some too.)

*Shooting Adam's handgun at the range in Provo Canyon. This was a first for me! So I won't say it's my thing really, but it was lots of fun and super cool. Thanks hermano!

*An afternoon in Roy with all of Burke's siblings, his parents, his grandparents, aunt, cousins, and their 2 babies. It was way fun to be all together with all of them! Followed by a trip to Burger Bar, the tradition every time they come to Roy.

*A couple of days in Provo with Burke's family. It was fun getting Bonnie moved into the dorms and all ready for school. I liked getting back to BYU campus. I miss that place. We had a family photo shoot, went swimming, and ate at J Dawgs. We also had a get together at Burke's great aunt's house with aunts/uncles/cousins on Burke's mom's side. It was really nice to see them all again! AND we saw a double rainbow by the mountain.
*Visits with some of our BYU friends. It was lovely to catch up a little. I miss so so many people from that time of life! You guys are wonderful and I hope we can continue to keep in touch. Even if most of us will never live near each other again, old friends are so important and we love you. (Sorry I failed at taking pictures.)

*And, courtesy of hurricane Irene, we got to go back up to visit with both sets of grandparents again. So nice. Plus we got to go a Friday night "concert in the park" in Bountiful. And we wore matching shirts.

Can't wait to go back!

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