Saturday, October 29, 2011


Neither Burke nor I are very big into Halloween. I think dressing up is fun but I'm really not great with ideas. So usually it doesn't happen. And we both pretty well hate all things scary. But one thing we do love about this holiday is pumpkins! Picking them, carving them, lighting them, and especially eating them......!!!

Last weekend we went to the handy-dandy pumpkin patch. It was an hour away. I'm sure there are closer ones but it had a corn maze too and we got groupons with some friends from school. And it was just so much fun! Can I tell you, I go to school with some lovely people that I just adore.

To be honest, the corn maze was a little bit lame, but it's alright. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the scary kind.

We carved our pumpkins the other night and I was wiped out so I was just anxious to get them done and go to bed. But it was fun and I still think they turned out nice! 

As for eating pumpkins, that's probably another story. A really yummy story.

Oh and, I bought a ton of candy yesterday. But, last night we had to leave the church Halloween party before the trunk-or-treat! And seeing as how we don't really live in the most trick-or-treating friendly neighborhood, I'm getting a little worried about where all of that candy is going to go. All I have to say is that if any neighborhood kids do knock on our door, they'll be hitting the mother-load. 

Happy Halloweekend!