Tuesday, October 4, 2011


On Sunday I was informed by my dear friend Sarah that if her friends don't update their blogs at least weekly she is sure they are keeping secrets from her. So, for Sarah, here are the secrets I have been keeping the last few weeks.

-I am no longer in nursery at church. I am the new 4th Sunday Relief Society teacher. This is going to be interesting! Oh but on Sunday during conference I learned a lot of great tips for teaching. Good thing. I don't even know what to do with that talk I'm supposed to teach a lesson on.

-Burke has been promoted! They added the word "advanced" to his title and gave him a raise. How about that?!? It doesn't sound like much, but I am so excited for him... he did that within a year even while working from Virginia! They sure like him.

-When the weather cools down I'm more motivated to run. I had the best-feeling run ever today.

-Burke and I went home to NC last weekend. It was awesome. On Saturday morning my parents babysat some kids (it was their donation to a service auction) so we got to join them at the zoo! It was super fun. And even though my parents used to wrestle 6 children, I think they were sure grateful to have a little help with those 3. I got some great pictures, but I will refrain from posting them since they are of someone else's children. 

-I absolutely love the place I grew up and the people there. It is even more perfect in the fall. I haven't been home in the fall in quite some time. Burke and I climbed the chestnut tree that is the best climbing tree in my parent's huge yard. It's a great feeling... you should try it. We decided maybe we'd try to climb a tree every week.

-Yesterday we went to the park and played tennis. And climbed a tree.

-I am learning to suture. It's really fun, but I don't know how I'll feel about it when it's on a real person. So far I've just practiced on pig's feet. Yep. Delicious.

-Burke and I are looking for a new apartment/house. I made a pros/cons list about this apartment and seeing as how the cons list is like 6X longer than the pros list, the beach factor has been outweighed. However, we have so many factors to consider in a new place that we can't decide what the top priorities are! Plus we are having a very hard time finding time to look. But it's in the works, anyway.

And in other news, we are happy. How could we not be? Did you hear that fantastic general conference? I'm excited for October. I loooove this time of year.

Secrets out.


  1. oooooo seeeecrets!!!!! thanks for indulging me:)

  2. love the secrets of everyday life! love the new picture of you two at the top. I love that you are both stepping together...it represents something special about how you are both in it together...striving...loving...I just love it! good luck on the new home search!

  3. I love your updates and the new picture!! Glad to hear you guys are doing well! :)