Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ankle Sprain #3

Poor, poor Burke. A little over 2 years ago, he sprained his ankle for the first time. It was his left. We were enjoying Christmas break in NC. Burke hobbled around the airport as we traveled back to Utah. Then we returned home just to find that our apartment was flooded.... which set off a couple of weeks of staying with Burke's aunt and a several month process of getting our home back in order. All while Burke hobbled around all over campus on a sprained ankle.

Sprain #2 was only a few months later... about 2 years ago. Burke's cousin was getting married, but he had a very important intramural basketball game to play (he had just recently started playing again after sprain #1). We had planned to leave after the first half, but he couldn't leave his team! So he kept playing. When he came down on his right foot this time, I almost felt mad.... we should have left when we had planned!

Two whole years of no sprains! But with those awesome new bball shoes, Burke stopped wearing his ankle braces. He texted me Tuesday night to let me know that although it was later than he usually stayed, he was going to play 1 more. 15 minutes later when he called, I shoulda known.

So Burke's laid up with another ankle sprain. Just in time, too, because we just made 3-month exercise goals starting this last week. Well, with the turn of events and the resulting CRAZY busy week, I thought I was off the hook. But nope. Burke motivated me to at least do a yoga video last night, and he even joined me, with some modifications, that is true love. His motivation even got me out of my rut enough to go for a run today.

I don't know how our 3 month exercise goals will work out with
Burke's injury, but apparently he's still in.

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