Sunday, April 8, 2012


In our apartment, if anyone is talking outside anywhere near us it sounds like they are sitting right next to you. So yesterday morning at 9 am someone knocked on our Puerto Rican neighbor's door (he's 2 doors down from us, and he doesn't speak English well, but he always tries) and he said, loudly, "Good morning, lady!!! How you doing!?! Happy...uh...Pascua!!!" It made my day. Because, the Spanish word for Easter always  escaped me. And I wouldn't have remembered it now unless I had heard him say it. Apparently, sometimes it goes the same way for Spanish-speakers remembering the word "Easter." 

On Friday I was asked to teach Relief Society today and I am really grateful I had the opportunity. I taught the lesson called "The Immortality of the Soul" from the George A Smith book. It was perfect for Easter too. I was so touched by the Holy Ghost and by the experiences and testimonies shared by the sisters in my ward. 

‎"The Savior's righteous life is a perfect example to all, and His resurrection was the first assurance to humanity that we, too, shall come forth from the tomb....
Jesus Christ was a man without sin. By reason of His purity, His uprightness and His virtue, He was able to unlock the doors of the prison, to overcome death and the grave, and pioneer the way...unto that heaven where we expect to go.
The Lord has not left us without hope. On the contrary he has given us every assurance of eternal happiness, if we will accept his advice and counsel while here in mortality." 
-George Albert Smith

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives, and He loves each of us. I know we have hope through Him.

Feliz Pascua!

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