Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surgery update

Surgery is going surprisingly well! 
I am a lucky, lucky girl, because my surgery rotation is with a group that has me work M-F 8ish-5ish, no call. Some of my counterparts work those 60-80-something hour weeks when they're on surgery, but not me! The only complaint I can muster is that I sometimes don't get lunch, but that sounds pretty lame when I consider the schedule I could be working.

The docs are great overall and I'm learning a ton. The first couple of weeks I did more rounding and sometimes went to the office to follow the docs there, but last week I was in the OR all day every day. It's been almost surprising how much I have enjoyed my days, most of the time. I was so anxious about this rotation, but it's really not been a big deal. In the OR I recognize that it is easy for me to just be in the way, so I try really hard to just do as I'm told. This week I'm trying and ask to get a little more involved if I can. It's a great opportunity for me. 

Because I am enjoying the rotation, the patients, etc., I feel like I would certainly look into a job in surgery if it were available. PAs can fill all sorts of roles in a surgery practice, taking care of the patients in the hospital, doing consults, seeing patients in the office, or assisting in surgery. It's hard to imagine, though, that any doctor would want me for a first assist in surgery! With my meager 4 weeks of surgery rotation experience, I think that would be a tough sell. But it's exciting to consider what my options might be and refreshing to no longer feel that fear and aversion to the OR. 

I will never forget some of the things I've seen and experienced on this rotation. Getting to meet these patients, and then see the anatomy so up close and personal, really puts their pathology into perspective. It's a great way to learn. 

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