Sunday, March 6, 2011

Burke's Bakilas

In Burke's 2nd to last semester at BYU he was in a Marketing class. In one of his projects he and his group analyzed the marketing of Vibram Five Fingers. As the researched the product and how it could be marketed, Burke became a believer...and he has wanted a pair of toe-pocket "shoes" ever since.

As a Christmas gift my parents gave him a gift card for a sporting goods store so he could get some if he wanted. Unfortunately, he's got some pretty big feet, and when we went they did not have his size in the style that he thought he wanted. After much patient waiting, Burke bought his Bakilas (the style he wanted) on Friday night.

He was not crazy about the color ("They're blue polka dots! They'll draw more attention!") but he decided to do it anyway rather than wait and see if they got anything else in in their next shipment (whenever that might be!). If I remember correctly, Burke's group determined that one of the major barriers to this product was it's appearance....people think they look weird. But Burke's trying not to let that stop him. He wore them while we ran errands yesterday.

With jeans...

He also wore them running yesterday morning, and he LOVED it. Now all my selfless husband can think about is getting some for me. :)

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