Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We LOVE Visitors!!!

Burke and I had a wonderful weekend+ with his mom, dad, and little sister who came to visit from Wisconsin while on Spring Break. It was so so fun to see them and so nice to have them here. Here's a little recap.

On Friday afternoon Burke and I drove up to Gettysburg, PA, where Burke's fam was staying the night also. The next morning we went to the Visitor's Center and watched a lovely video about the Battle of Gettysburg and then we had an awesome bus tour of the battlefield. It was neat cause you could actually get a feel for what happened there. It made me pretty sad though.

In the afternoon we drove back to our place (it's about 4 hours). We hung out here for a bit, and then we drove down to Virginia Beach. That was my first peek at Chix Beach. From what I could tell (it was night), that's a dang nice beach! Ours is nice, but it doesn't quite have the white sand and big waves of VA Beach.

On Sunday and Monday night Burke's fam stayed in a big downtown hotel with a gorgeous view. We walked down to the Battleship Wisconsin which is berthed right there downtown. The museum was closed but it was still neat to see it. (I like that it's called Wisconsin... of course they had to go see it.)

On Monday after I got out of my morning class we all drove up to Colonial Williamsburg. Burke's Mom hadn't realized how close it was to where we lived but she had always wanted to see it. We didn't buy the outrageous tickets but we just walked around the town to see what we could see. The weather cleared up and warmed up so it was a really nice afternoon. It's a beautiful place! We were too late to see Jamestown and Yorktown, but it's neat to realize how much history was right here in this area.
The Governor's Mansion in Colonial Williamsburg

Monday night they topped off their vacation with a visit to AW Shucks. Actually, they were too busy and too small to seat us, so we got our food to-go. It was worth it though. My friend had recommended it as a great place for seafood, and oh-my-goodness it was awesome! I've never been a big seafood person, but I'm trying to get past that and try stuff. I loved my crabcake sandwich and everything else I tried! (Except the hushpuppies, but that's just me... not a big fan in general.)

Norfolk has mermaids all over it. I guess it's like the symbol of the city. They are on all of the neighborhood signs, on top of flag posts, decorating all sorts of buildings--everywhere. I finally read, in the tourist magazine from their hotel, that over 100 10-foot mermaids were made by various sculptors and sold at auction as a fundraiser. They call it "Mermaids on Parade."
Burke's family headed back to Wisconsin yesterday morning. We loved their visit, and hope that they did too! After they came I actually found that I like this city more than I thought I did. I have a lot of complaints, but it's neat in a lot of ways too. Their visit gave us an excuse to do some more exploring that we haven't gotten around to yet.

So basically what I'm trying to say is if you come and visit us we'll show you a good time. (If we can get out of school and work....)

Thanks Kathy, Curtis, and Bonnie for coming so far! (And thanks to you too, Ryan and Kaylynn, for your visit!) We LOVE visitors!!!

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