Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love this stuff.

I thought maybe I should write about it because yesterday was a breakthrough day.

Burke and I were talking after a long day for both of us, and I said, "Today was such a good day! Sometimes my classes are just so good!"

Burke's jaw just about hit the floor. He kind of freaked out. "What? I have NEVER heard you say that before!"

I'm not really sure what makes one day better than the next. Sometimes the lectures are really engaging and the subject matter really fascinating. My reflection on yesterday was something to the effect of, I don't feel like I have a specific interest in ENT or Gastroenterology, but I loved my classes yesterday so much for a reason.

It's because I really do love this stuff. Even though I complain lots, even though I get awfully tired of taking tests, and even though I get super frustrated at some of the poorly written test questions I've seen....I really love this stuff. Burke mostly gets to hear all of the negative things I say, but that's unfortunate. Sometimes while I'm sitting in class I feel really inspired. I feel that my Heavenly Father is near. And yesterday was just one of those days.

I love that more than once a week I can sit down with some of my friends at lunch and have a conversation about ourselves or someone who's close to us as it relates to something we've been learning. I love discussing real life case presentations in the form of "her sister" or "her husband" or "my mom" or myself (all of whom came up this week). And it's not that we're that excited about studying, because usually our lunch conversations are an effort not to study. It's because we are learning some of the most commonly applicable information that there is.

Health is every day. For everyone. Right now I kind of feel like I just know little snippets of information all over the place. Every time I talk to someone about some symptoms or health conditions they have it seems like they know more about it than I do. But it's coming along. Before you know it I'll be your friendly neighborhood PA, diagnosing your illnesses and prescribing you treatment.

I need days like this sometimes to remind myself why we're here, in this stage of life, when every day I think about how easy it would have been not to. This is something that I needed to do, and yeah, it's something that I want to do too. I'm definitely excited to be done, and wishing it would be tomorrow, but it sure does get exciting to learn such amazing things every day. Our bodies are phenomenal. And I feel really blessed.

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