Friday, February 17, 2012

In search of incredible

After hearing some more sad news tonight, I'm feeling it. But it just so happens that earlier today I was directed to the following videos, and I have since returned to watch them again because they are so inspiring.

Sometimes life is a hard thing. We often see sorrow from a distance, sometimes in someone close to us, and sometimes we get our turn at it too. No one's experiences are quite the same, so it can be easy to feel alone. Of course, we are never alone, and our Savior is the one person who truly has been through it. He truly understands. And He chose to experience those things so that He truly can help us.

Sometimes I think it can help to observe others who have gone through something hard and to try and get an appreciation for how they dealt with it so seemingly well. Maybe if they can handle that, I can handle what I'm asked to too. Maybe those that I love that are struggling right now will be able to find that same power and strength. This filled me with hope. Melanie and I worked at the same place for a few months in 2008, and I had heard bits and pieces of her and Daniel's story for the next couple of years. I was so touched by their words in these videos, and by the comforting spirit that I felt.

"Sometimes tests are not about passing or failing. Heavenly Father is not sitting up there with a checklist and pen while we're enduring a trial...I know that the purpose of coming here is to grow and learn."

Daniel was chosen as the winner of a competition called In Search of Incredible. It's a longer video, but I love it too. You should watch it.

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  1. My friend sent me this link too. Melanie and Daniel were in the ward where her husband was bishop at BYU. I thought it was wonderful too, and I also appreciated your testimony!