Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Burke got a new job! He was hired for another position within Thrivent, the company he's been working for. It will be in the finance department, and he will be managing lender relations(?). He will still be working from home, so we're not expecting much to change, besides the fact that he'll be doing a completely different job! It's a fantastic opportunity for him to learn more in the finance side of things and get more experience that will help him towards deciding what to do with future school and employment. Plus, it's a pay raise!! :) He really does not love working at home but it's amazing how well it has worked out for us...we are so grateful. He'll be going to the headquarters in Minnesota in a few weeks to do some training. In the meantime he will have a lot to do to get ready to leave his current position.

Congrats,  Burke! I am so proud of you!

I have fake patient exams again this semester, but now they are a bit more realistic, with a real complaint and a real potential diagnosis! Last week I was so nervous. My patient had recurrent nosebleeds. While I was "interviewing" him he showed me a tissue with blood on it as an example of how his nosebleeds have been. Then when I looked inside his nose I saw a bloody place that truly looked like it had been bleeding! I was pretty surprised..... Dude! I thought you were supposed to be faking!!!

He ended up having 3 potential causes of nosebleeds, all of which could be readily addressed. I did really well on it and it was fun! So I am hoping it will inspire a new-found confidence in me so that I won't be so nervous next time.

Oh and, I can't believe how much BYU basketball we have been watching lately! I don't know why, but we have been staying up til midnight and 1am fairly regularly to watch the games.... and we've been loving it! I think we are hooked. Every home game though, I miss the Marriott Center so much.


  1. Felicidades! So happy for Burke's new job and for your growing confidence. You look so legit!

  2. Woohoo! That's so exciting... and you look gorgeous! I love the updates! :)