Sunday, March 18, 2012

Burke's memories (#1)

Hello to all who may read this. This is Burke. I want to thank Jessica for the effort that she has put into this blog. She has invited me many times to write something ... here goes.

For some time I have felt that I should capture many of the memories that I have from my childhood, but I haven't known quite how to do it. This evening I had the thought that writing my memories here would not only allow me to save them, but also to share them in a way that can hopefully provide inspiration to others as well.

So ... I make no promises of a weekly post, but I will try to do my best with this.

Today I had a song come to my mind that I haven't heard for years. It's a song that I heard on Sesame Street as a little boy. I remember that Mom really liked this song too. I remember her singing it from time to time while I was little. When I hear it today I think of her and of those days when everything she did and said meant so much to me. So it may not mean much to others--hopefully it's at least a cute little song--but for me it brings back the sweet memories of my mother's loving influence in my life.


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