Thursday, March 15, 2012

Williamsburg #2

Living Social was selling half-off coupons for Colonial Williamsburg a while ago. Ever since last year when Burke's mom, dad, and sister Bonnie came to visit and we spent an hour or two walking around without being able to go inside anything, I had really wanted to go back. So we bought tickets and so did my mom and dad. Unfortunately they expired quickly, so we had to hurry and use them. Mom and Dad came up for a weekend so we could go. Well, the weather wasn't cooperating and it was a rainy day, plus Burke ended up having to be at a young men basketball game, so we got a late start. A very late start. But at least we only paid half price!

We really enjoyed touring the governor's palace and we learned a lot. That took up a lot of our time, though, so we peeked into a few other shops and the courthouse and the weapons storage place before we ran out of time. It was all really cool and a fun time to be together.

We also saw The Lorax while Mom and Dad were here. And um, I loved it. I may or may not have even cried a little bit.

Thanks for visiting, Mom and Dad! We loved to have you come!

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