Friday, March 9, 2012

We're worth it

Oh hi, Friday night. Just thought I'd share my current song obsession via blog while I am shut up in my bedroom as Burke hosts a Young Men dessert making/video game-playing/birthday party. (They are making desserts because tomorrow is the annual dessert auction youth fundraiser...) 

Why am I not joining in on the fun? First of all because I'm not invited. But mostly because I do not even want to know what is going on in my kitchen right now. So I'm listening to lovely music with my headphones in, working on my research paper, and I am staying here until the guests leave. I thought about going to the library but I didn't feel like making the trip.

So here it is... my favorite love song today. Sigh. I even downloaded it the same day I heard it for the first time, which ought to tell you what I really think.

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