Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gift cards and coupons

make for some lovely last minute dates!

Burke was planning to go camping and leave me stranded at home alone for the 3rd weekend night in a row, but the weather got crazy and the weatherman said "tornado watch" and some parents started calling, and Burke didn't go camping after all.

So last minute we decided to go to Macaroni Grill (gift card--thanks Mom and Dad!) who are having a little special right now so we ordered appetizers and entrees and a dessert... way more food than we usually get when we go out. Theeeennnnn we hopped on over to an ice skating arena and used our groupon. Burke and I had never been ice skating together!

He held my hand lots, especially during my first go-'round, so I could let go of the wall. It's nice to go from actually being scared about getting on the ice to racing around. We ran into one of my professors who was out with her husband and son... that was funny.

It was so so fun and a lovely way to spend the evening together. Normally a "real date" takes a whole bunch of planning, and more money too...thus I stand by my claim that groupons are worth it.

P.S. This little girl skating in her flowery dress, white sweater and tights was cracking us up.

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